Flag football for all seasons: FFA league gives everyone real experience

CRUSADER PARK, AU — When the final whistle sounds at the Super Bowl, it may signify the end of “football season,” or the stretch from February to late October where tackle football is taking place every weekend. However, for the Western Crusaders, its players & supporters, football is becoming a year-round sport.

In this new century, with new trends rapidly emerging,people want to try a sport, but they want it fast, easy, fun, and not be a burden on their time, their wallet, or have a severe risk of injury. The sport of Flag Football is exactly this kind of sport and much more. Flag Football is a sport that is highly suited for Australians wanting to experience the thrill and excitement of American Football because it is a team sport which is centred upon the very elementary skills of running, catching and passing. This makes it an easily learned, yet highly competitive, interesting, energetic and fun game that requires minimal conditions & equipment. It can be played by different categories of people and minimum risk of serious injury.

As Flag Football is a more compact version of our sport that requires less space, less players and takes advantage of our capital cities great grass spaces, this makes it a more accessible sport for people to play.

Both the original Flag Football West (WA) and Flag Football Victoria Leagues are a considerable leap forward for American Football in Australia that will allow us to showcase our great sport to players, coaches, fans, the media and sponsors. This is the first step in the country to really develop Flag Football for Australia that targets the adult demographic rather than purely the Junior competitions. We believe this is a distinct paradigm shift for the sport that will deliver exponential growth as numerous other sports have experienced in their drive to grow, and provide a more accessible product.

The goal is fundamentally to develop interest in Gridiron in general – both versions of the game (non-contact & tackle). Just as has been proven around the world and in particular, the United States, Canada, Germany, Mexico, Sweden, the flag and tackle versions of the game compliment and support each other. That’s our goal here in Australia as well.

We want all Clubs to be a part of this great initiative and would love to help others in developing Flag Football in Australia.

Flag Football Victoria, a member of Flag Football Australia, held its 1st season kick-off over the weekend.

  • 14 teams split into 2 conferences (Red/White)
  • 7 week season covering 84 games plus finals and Flag Bowl in week 8 to crown the Season 1 FFV Champions
  • Approximately 140 people are playing flag football in Victoria
  • Being played at Crusader Park in Footscray home of the Western Crusaders Gridiron Football Club

To find out more, head on over to Flag Football Victoria or the Western Crusaders facebook pages. Some highlights of the first round can be found here:

Week 1 Highlights:


Why Flag Football?
A real grass roots initiative – Easy to learn – Does not require any specialised training or skills to play casually – Low equipment needs – Low injury risk as it is a minimum contact sport – Can be played from ages 14 to 50+ (modified version can be played under 14 yo)
– Is a safe sport for the young and a viable sport for older participants making the sport immensely accessible compared to tackle football – Suitable for both genders and can even be played by ladies and men together at the same time (mixed) – Very social sport – Is a great financial vehicle for the game


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